Spoon Carving - A Lesson in Woodworking

Bernie Ross, local artist, teacher and wood craft tradesman will share his 25+years of experience guiding you through the history, lore and a myriad of practical techniques as you fashion your one-of-a-kind spoon. You will learn the subtleties of reading the bark of the trunk/branch you will be carving from, wood types and conditions, how to split the wood for optimum carving, how to "read" the woods natural inner grain to design your spoon, as well as guidance on each carving tool used from hatchet to hook knife.  A portion of class will be dedicated to types of tools used and how to preserve and sharpen them.

By the end of class you will not only go home with your hand carved spoon, but a ground up, start to finish appreciation for wood carving and a sense pride and accomplishment for an old world craft.

Your spoon might not be the shiniest, but we are betting it will be the most unique!

The cost of this class is $150.  Class size is limited so please fill out the RSVP form below.

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