Screen Printing

This is a two-day class where you will learn more than you could ever imagine about screenprinting.

You will learn about the different techniques for creating images on screens:  mono printing, stencils cut from paper, drawing fluid/screen filler, with a focus on the most popular, direct emulsion.

Different techniques for preparing “film” to use in burning a screen will be covered.

You will learn how to prepare a screen for burning as well as learn how to reclaim your screen for another design.

You will be shown ways to stretch screens on a frame.

You will learn about screen mesh size and why this is important.

You will learn different ways to register for different color prints.

The differences in squeegees will be covered, the shapes and hardness (durometer) and when to use which and why.

You will learn about different inks and when to use what.

You will acquire an awareness of how serigraphy can be utilized in almost every art discipline from glass, glassware, ceramics, china, metal, textiles, as resists, etc.

This is an information-packed class and a hands-on class as well, where you will be able to go through all the steps and print your decided image by the end of day 2.

This is a 2 day workshop and it runs from 12pm - 6pm on Saturday and Sunday.  The cost of the workshop is $225.  Participants are limited to 6 so please RSVP in the form below. 

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