Photo Processing Cyanotypes

Learn to create beautiful deep blue prints using the cyanotype process in this hands-on workshop.

Although cyanotypes are familiarly a rich dark blue, we will experiment a little with toning and bleaching techniques to alter the color and mood,  allowing you more options to create your final prints.

Cyanotype photographs are made using a solution of iron compounds that react to UV light.

Images can be taken with a camera or made by placing objects directly on the paper.

Since this is a contact printing process, a negative the size of the final print is required. We will cover a simple method to make enlarged negatives from digital files that students will then print in class. Or, if you would like to experiment with making camera-less images, simply bring in objects to place on top of your prepared cyanotype paper.

Cost of the class is $125.00.  Please RSVP on the form below. 

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